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The appellation of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (CNDP) spreads itself across the southern plains of the Rhone valley where vines are baked in sunshine by day and by night the sun's energy radiates back from large pebbles (galets) which cover the clay soil. 13 grape varieties are permitted in the Village which takes it's name from the ruined Papal summer palace "new castle" or chateaneuf which was built by Pope John XXII in the 1330s.  The "Noble Pierre de Beaucastel" bought a plot of land in Coudoulet in 1549 and the Beaucastels went on to become one of the most important wine producers in the region.

Beaucastel's 70 ha of CNDP vines grow on a plateau about 53 meters above sea level, benefiting from a higher water table and lower average temperatures than more southerly CNDP. Up to 30% of the red blend can be Mourvedre which accounts for the eathery-farmyard bouquet. The super-cuvee Hommage A Jacques Perrin is a rare beast indeed, only produced in the best years, from very low yields with a hallmark of huge concentration and depth.  Canny buyers will know that Coudoulet de Beaucastel offers cracking value for money as it comes from a parcel of vines (25 ha) which fall just outside the appellation and is consequently a Cotes-du-Rhone.  Their top white cuvee the stunning Roussanne Vieille Vignes, made from 75 year old vines and offers up aromatic complexity and concentrated fruit.

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